Representative Cases & Trial experience

Many of our case resolutions and the bulk of our personal injury settlements are confidential and therefore we cannot disclose the specific results of many cases we have handled. However, as to personal injury settlements we can say that over the past several years we have obtained the full insurance policy benefits on behalf of our clients from a number of insurance companies including Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Cincinnati Insurance, Mountain West Farm Bureau, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Trinity Universal Insurance, and Geico.

We have also obtained the maximum available insurance benefits for our clients from a number of insurance carriers for Underinsured Motorist (UIM) benefits.  This is an insurance often provided in an individual’s own insurance policy and allows for additional insurance benefits when the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance coverage to compensate the injured person for his or her injuries. In other words, if you pay a premium to your insurance company for UIM benefits, there is additional money over and above what is available to you from the person who injured you if their policy does not have enough coverage. This amount can be anywhere from $25,000 and up, depending on your policy.

Victories & Notable Cases

Represented wrongfully terminated Gallatin County Sheriff's Deputy and prevailed at trial and subsequent damages hearing, and settled the claim for $400,000. 

Represented a husband against the State of Montana in a civil suit after he was wrongfully charged with killing his wife following a vehicular rollover accident wherein his wife died and he survived. After the Court dismissed all criminal charges against the husband, Shea Law secured a $100,000 settlement on the husband’s behalf from the State. 

Represented a County Water and Sewer District in defense of a complaint brought by developers against the District stemming from the revocation of the developers’ planned subdivision.  The developers alleged 3.5 million in damages against the District. Shea Law obtained a dismissal of all of the developers’ claims against the District, and after a trial, obtained a damage award of $666,000 against the developers as a result of the District’s counterclaim against the developers.

Represented a County Water and Sewer District against Yellowstone National Park as a result of the Park Service’s negligently allowing high levels of arsenic to infiltrate the County’s sewer system. As a result of the lawsuit, the Park Service is now embarking on a multiyear and multimillion dollar project to fix the arsenic infiltration problem. 

Represented financial services firm Edward Jones in an interpleader action. Shea Law obtained a dismissal of the counterclaims against Edward Jones and secured an award of attorney's fees and costs on behalf of Edward Jones. 

Represented purchasers of a defective and uncompleted log home at trial. The construction company’s alleged lien against purchasers was found to be invalid, and Shea Law obtained a $334,000 verdict against construction company at trial. 

Secured a finding of good cause from the Montana Human Rights Bureau on behalf of a female employee who was fired immediately after she made a complaint about her supervisor’s inappropriate and unwelcome sexual advances toward her.  A confidential settlement was reached with the employer.

Obtained a $258,000 judgment on behalf of Morgan Stanley against a former Morgan Stanley broker in Federal Court, and subsequently obtained a favorable legal ruling disallowing a claimed exemption by the broker under a Montana statute not previously ruled upon by Montana Courts. 

Represented a registered nurse wrongfully fired by hospital for voluntarily serving as a surrogate gestational carrier for an infertile couple. Shea Law obtained favorable pre-trial Court rulings on behalf of our client, and then reached a confidential settlement against the hospital. 

Secured a finding of good cause from the Montana Human Rights Bureau on behalf of an employee wrongfully fired by large, multi-state engineering firm. Employee was fired shortly after disclosing to her employer that she was pregnant and had recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Shea Law secured a confidential settlement with the employer. 

Represented an individual tased in his own home by the police performing a welfare check. After being tased, the individual struck his head on the ground, became unconscious, was rushed to the hospital and had subsequent brain surgery. After it was discovered that the Police Department deleted a relevant portion of the audio recording of the incident, Shea Law obtained an adverse ruling against the Police Department for destroying evidence and then secured a favorable settlement. 

Represented purchasers of a home at a foreclosure sale against the trustee responsible for negligently running the sale, and the title company responsible for allowing liens to remain on the home after the sale. Per the foreclosure statute, the home had to be purchased in cash, in this case $737,000, but unbeknownst to the purchasers there were liens against the home totaling more than 1.5 million, and the liens remained on the home after the cash sale. After Shea Law obtained multiple favorable pre-trial Court rulings against the trustee and the title company in a case of first impressions under Montana law, the defendants agreed to pay off all liens on the home and a confidential settlement was reached with the defendants. 

Obtained a dismissal Order on behalf of a management company after it was charged with disability discrimination by a tenant. 

Obtained a dismissal Order on behalf of an employer in defense of a discrimination claim filed by a former employee based on transgender status.

Obtained a dismissal Order on behalf of an employer in defense of a sexual discrimination case filed by employee.