Our Background

With more than 27 years of legal experience, our office handles a wide variety of cases. Whether you are an individual in need of legal assistance, or a corporation looking for outside counsel, we have the knowledge and expertise required for your case.  Below are the most common types of cases that we handle.

Our firm has the ability to, and often does, partner with outside attorneys to better serve our clients' needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

Personal Injury

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury because of another person's or company’s actions, you may have a legal case against the at-fault party. As your personal injury attorney, we believe that if someone else was responsible for your injury, he or she should also be responsible for helping you recover from it.

Wrongful Termination

If your employer recently terminated you for reasons you find unjust, discriminatory, or without cause, Shea Law may be able to help. 

Insurance Coverage Disputes

If your insurance company is refusing to pay benefits that you have paid a premium for, we may be able to assist in recovering the benefits owed to you.

Automobile Accidents

Whether you were driving, a passenger in your vehicle, a passenger in another vehicle or even a pedestrian, you may have a legal case against the at-fault party.

Civil Rights Cases

If your civil rights have been violated, you may have a right to collect damages from the violator. Civil Rights violations include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act claims, retaliation, and excessive force.

Contract Disputes

Many issues arise with contracts. For instance, if you have a contract you want reviewed before signing or you have a breach of contract claim, Shea Law can help.

Business Litigation

The Shea Law  provides counsel in all manner of business and commercial transactions. 

Motorcycle Injuries

As a motorcycle injury attorney, Shea Law will fight for your rights and a favorable settlement in your case. 

Client Testimonials


“Thank you so much for everything, I can’t express how helpful it was to have you from day one. I appreciate you for helping me through this and making sure I fully understood everything step by step. I want to say thank you again to Tammey and Chana, I know they put a lot of time into this as well.”   -Nicole

"Thanks again so much for all. I can't tell you how thankful and grateful I am to be in such professional hands through this entire process, your follow-through and genuine care for my case is extraordinary...we couldn't be more pleased with your work and willingness to give this everything you've got along with us."

"I just wanted to take a moment to say how very thankful we feel to have had you as our lawyer. Your knowledge and attention to detail gave me the reassurance I needed. Thank you for having ‘competitive greatness’ in the way you practice the law.”

“You are amazing! Your confidence and thoroughness put us at ease every step of the way. We definitely had the 'A' team with you and we feel very blessed. We could not have asked for anyone better. Thanks!”

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for your expertise in our recent arbitration. Although the results of all your efforts are at present unknown, I can’t help but think that whatever the end result may be, that your presentation could not have been better! Your delivery was masterful! Your research of the law was insightful and exhaustive. Your dedication to the cause often requiring long hours did not go unnoticed.”

“I will always appreciate all the time and hard work you put into our case.  Your strong work ethic, encouragement and support were evident from the moment you took over the case.  Thank you for believing in us when no one else would.”